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About ZokuVault

ZokuVault is your virtual safety deposit box and estate planning portal.

The ZokuVault Story

ZokuVault was founded to provide individuals and families with a safe, secure and organized alternative to current estate planning, family organization and risk management solutions.

Too often we hear stories of friends and family finding themselves unprepared, spinning in circles and struggling to find what they need at a time of personal loss or tragedy.

We created ZokuVault because we are just like you: In need of a better solution to organize and share the most important information in our lives. Our founding team brings together work experiences in the realms of family risk management and technology as well as their own personal experiences as parents and adult-aged children.

About team

Who Do We Help?


Access to your critical information, wherever and whenever you need it.

Your Family

Seamless transfer of critical information into the hands of your designated caregivers and estate managers, aiding the timely security of your family and loved ones.

Your Trusted Partners

Increase the level of engagement with your most trusted advisors, enhancing transparency, planning depth and data transmission security.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that after their incapacitation or death designated contacts will have access to their critical information, organized and in one place.


Trusting that everything you have worked for is identified, with support that is secure and protected from both physical and digital destruction or loss.


Having critical information located in one ever-available location, easily accessible, but only by those you select.

The ZokuVault Solution



Central location to organize and list all critical information.


This is your personal stuff. We keep it that way.


Storage only helps if you can find what you are looking for.


Access wherever you are. Trouble never seems to find us next to our filing cabinets.


We will remember you have it, so that you and yours don't have to.


Ability to simply add or remove corporate partners. Freedom from informational handcuffs.


Remove the fear that your loved ones will not be able to find what you have left for them.


Full access management of what is shared with others.


Its your information, period. Not every company agrees.

Our Advice

Break the inertia!

It is difficult to begin any project when it seems so daunting. This perception grows with every day of inaction and is compounded by fear that you must solve your estate planning and risk management solution needs all at once.

The key is to just start and start small. Simply storing a handful of documents and identifying the most important people to contact is 50% of the battle for most families.

Get the easy information into ZokuVault now, and chip away at the rest of it over time. Before you know it, you will have the easily executable estate plan that you hoped for and can sleep better at night.